September 25, 2013

Important Doctor Who DVD News

Received my review copy of Terror of the Zygons, reputed to have a trailer for a "lost" story, confirming all of those missing episode rumors.

Trailer is for The Moonbase, which has been pushed up.

No animated clips (since The Moonbase has two episodes missing from the BBC Archives).

No other goodies other than, say, Terror of the Zygons.

Internet, please take a deep breath, then a nap, and resume normalcy. Perpetuating rumors with no basis in fact (other than someone says that someone says) is simply childish, immature, and not very productive.

As for me, I'm back to the job search, and then class tonight.

(PS, Yes, I know the photo isn't from Terror of the Zygons. But I think it does provide an ironic counterpoint, don't you think?)

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