September 30, 2013

Crazy Like A Madman In A Blue Box

(Special Thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for a complimentary DVD set for review)

Under other circumstances, receiving Doctor Who: The Complete Series 7 boxed set would have been more pleasant. No, it's not the episodes themselves (having written about them for the Chicago Nerd Social Club), but the circumstances.

Last week, a friend of mine passed away suddenly. He was a hi-how-are-you friend, but the speed of his passing was...well, it had an effect. Thankfully, it led to me making an impromptu visit with Mom, and I brought along the boxed set to watch some episodes.

Obviously, it led to some questions from Mom (whose exposure to the series are the episodes currently being screened by the local PBS station), but in watching the set (especially the extras and the
minisodes)....there's a strong subtext of comings and goings, learning to develop your own connections as others pass out of life, and sometimes you know when it's the right time for things to end.

And some endings come too suddenly....perhaps I'm making more of Doctor Who than I should. (I'm kind of like that). But it's a subtext that I'm learning to appreciate more - unlike other uberfans who get a little bothered with the emotional subplots, I think it adds a richness to the show that may not have been there during the classic series.

(At least, I may not have seen it).

It goes without saying that The Complete Series 7 is a great set, even if some of the individual episodes leave a little to be desired. But taken altogether, there's a very rich, emotional arc that's worth exploring....and it's a journey definitely worth taking.

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