October 3, 2013

LES VAMPS: Now I Am A Published Author

Just in time for Halloween - last week, I was fortunate enough to receive news that Les Vamps has been released! That's right - my publishing debut, "Out There In the Night" in Mark Wheatley's anthology, has made its official debut....

....and the book is free! That's right - I'll have more formal ordering information at some point, but please feel free to download it in PDF, EPUB (Nook) or MOBI (Kindle) format throughout the month of October. You're even welcome to join Ron Fortier and Derrick Ferguson in reviewing my work. (All I ask is that if you review it, please e-mail me the link - I'll show it some social media love, and also make sure you get kudos as well).

Special thanks to Derrick and Ron for sharing their thoughts. And speaking of Mr. Fortier....

Ron was kind enough to ask me to edit an upcoming Airship 27 piece entitled Jim Anthony, Super-Detective Volume 4. Although it would be very tempting to call this a Doc Savage pastiche, that would we....well, very inaccurate. These are some pretty cool tales - mostly, it's superscience meets hardboiled crime, and are definitely worth purchasing  (Note: I receive a complimentary electronic copy for my efforts; the authors receive royalties, so please buy plenty of copies to keep them awash in printer toner). For more information (including appropriate Amazon links), please visit the Airship 27 blog.

This is all a prelude to announce that I just received my latest contract for a fiction piece. (That's why I've been away from the blog - my writing's been focused elsewhere). It's a great alternative history piece, and...well, hopefully, I should have more formal announcements about my burgeoning writing career soon. Thanks for your patience!

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