June 13, 2014

Announcing: DOCTOR WHO 101 on July 19th

This has been a really rough week, on multiple levels, but one thing that hasn't been rough...is that yes, thanks to Chicago Nerd Social Club, we'll be holding another Doctor Who 101 event.

We have some really cool guests for our panel (a change from the usual online slideshow), with pal JB from Who 37, my pals from Two Girls One Guy And a Tardis....and pal Phil from the late, lamented Bar Tab of Rassilon. We'll be discussing all sorts of cool Who stuff - favorite episodes, good jumping on points for fans....but ultimately, it's about Doctor Who. What else do you need?

So I'm inviting all of you to join us on Saturday, July 19th at Sulzer Library, located at 4455 N. Lincoln. (It's a short walk from the Western Brown Line station, as well as near the #78 Bus stop). The event will be in the auditorium (straight off the front door), and will start around 2:00 pm.

Cosplay not only welcome - it's encouraged.

All we ask - please RSVP at http://drwho101cnsc.eventbrite.com - that way, we know you're coming (and seats are limited)

At the very least, you can claim to have a close, personal encounter with me!

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