June 18, 2014

My Weekly Shenanigans

One of the drawbacks to having a busy job search is that....well, it takes away from writing and blogging. (I've also picked up some freelance copyediting work as well). But I'm here to let you know about some really cool things that happened this week....as well as some great efforts to bring my various online appearances together, because strengthening my search results is always a good thing.

If you're interested in a good read, let me announce my latest completed editing project for Airship 27 Productions. If you're thinking that The Masked Rider (now appearing in a second volume of brand new stories ) is merely a Lone Ranger pastiche....you would be wrong. He's a bit more harder-edged, much more of a masked avenger type than a friendly, yet stern, moral crusader. There are some really good stories in this volume, and it's available as both a softcover and on Kindle for your reading pleasure.

You also want to check out this month's column on Comic Related about Man of Steel. It's not a very glowing review, and I've already had people disagree with me....but quite honestly, I think it's worth saying out loud. Plus, I think it's a really good column.

I was also fortunate enough to participate in a day-long Q & A With a Blogger initiative for Chicago Now. Not only was I able to interview one of my fellow bloggers....but was interviewed by another Chicago Now blogger. It's a pretty interesting series of reads, so I strongly encourage you to visit....and you're always welcome back here.

And finally, don't forget Doctor Who 101 in July (and thanks to pal JB for the reminder)

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