January 31, 2015

A Brief Word About Chicago Politics

Normally, I avoid most overtly political subjects on the blog - after all, growing up in Chicago means that politics can be nasty business.

Growing up, my parents had Chicago politics steeped into their DNA: my mom told stories about living across the alley from the Daleys, and my dad worked for the 12th Ward in the 1980s. As a result, I have a cynically optimistic view of politics.

That cynical view is no more.

I'm proud to know Maureen - we initially met through my activities with Chicago Net Tuesday, and both bonded over our love of music (mostly punk), the Ramova Theater, and our neighborhood. So when I learned she was running for the 11th Ward Aldermanic seat, I was thrilled....because this isn't typical Chicago politics.

As you can see, she's what the teenagers call "disruptive". The above video says volumes, and right now, I wish I lived in the 11th Ward so I can vote for her. So I can do two "next best things">
  1. I am applying to be an election judge, because voting matters, and
  2. I can urge those who live in the ward to vote for Maureen Sullivan.
Yes, consider this an official endorsement. For those who could complain that I'm getting "too political", let me ask one question: When has the blog ever not been political?

(If you don't live in Chicago, please feel free to share this via your social networks. Trust me/)

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