January 11, 2016

David Bowie - A Tribute

Upon reading news of David Bowie's passing, I'll have to admit that I was a bit in disbelief.

First, he has a new album & video out....but of course, he had been ill for awhile.

My introduction with Bowie didn't come during one of his better-known albums (like Ziggy Stardust or Heroes) - it actually came with Let's Dance, aka "Bowie's commercial period). Granted, it may sound rather lame (nobody's going to claim that "China Girl" or "Jazzing for Blue Jean" are cutting edge), but it did one important thing...it led me to Ziggy Stardust. And Heroes. And other albums.

The best tribute I can give is this....imagine a mix tape of the following (randomly selected) song titles:

The Man Who Sold the World
Under Pressure
Rebel Rebel
Look Back In Anger
I'm Afraid of Americans
Hang On To Yourself
Life on Mars

Now, go to YouTube, search, and listen to these songs....and realize that they were written and recorded by the same person.

Bowie explored many genres, many personas, and crafted a very eclectic body of work.

Want to pay the man tribute? Listen to his music. I know I will.

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