January 13, 2016

Kicking Off 2016 With Online Shenanigans

Despite being busy the past few months (with both family illness and my aunt's sudden death), I have managed to maintain some creative momentum. Once again, in an effort to both maintain my blog and keep my efforts search optimized, here's the monthly summary of my various comings, goings, and writings online.

First, you've all been reading about various stories that have come out, including Airship 27's benefit anthology Legends of New Pulp Fiction . I'm happy to say that you can find a nice, complete summary of my writings via my Amazon Author's page, and you can keep up with my reading and writing efforts via my Goodreads page and my Facebook Author page.

Would you like to know how I felt about Sherlock: The Abominable Bride? Review's up on I Hear of Sherlock. Spoiler alert - it ain't pretty...

Over on the Chicago Now blog, I've summarized the past year (kind of like how I handled this blog), and I've put out a call for input to help drive the blog.

Also, a C2E2 update: a panel I submitted is on "standby"....and may be livestreamed rather than a real panel. But my participation is going to be relatively iffy.

Finally, if you want to hang out with me, here's where I'll be next Wednesday evening. 

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