March 6, 2016

Birthday Thoughts

Ok, so you're probably thinking, "Gordon, why the [expletive] are you blogging at approximately 6:40 am on your birthday?"

Yes, I've been that busy. And it's my blog, my rules.

Yes, today's my birthday, with pal Roger's coming shortly. My life in the past year - actually, the past year and a half - has been active, lively, and not without incident.

Ever since the events of October 2013, I've been making headway into really examining what works in my life...and what doesn't. Making decisions about how I spend my time, establishing priorities...well, it's safe to say that I'm growing up in that regard. So much so that my new idea of a great evening involves a blanket and a good book.

(Or e-book).

But the past six months have been rough...with Mom's health (she's doing better, by the way), people and cats in my life passing (within two months, I lost my aunt, my mom's cat, and a friend), and changes in my employment.

Moving towards a freelance career, rather than a straightforward job...well, I'm enjoying it. Granted, it means a greater emphasis on finding/soliciting work, but it also gives me the opportunity to pursue my writing. And it also means scheduling rest and relaxation at regular intervals.

(Trust me, in my much younger days I "lived for the hustle". However, living for the hustle also can be a very lonely life).

All in all, I'm grateful. I'm in a much better place than I have been in awhile. Sure, I have challenges, but I can face them with a much clearer head and greater confidence.

And that's the best birthday present I can give myself.

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