July 20, 2016

Help An Author Out - Read and Review My Work

As many of you know, I have been quite prolific in writing tons of pulp fiction - so much so that not only do I have my own Amazon Author's page, but one of my stories was published within the past few weeks. But like many authors, I'm also responsible for marketing my work, and want to generate some buzz...and here's where I'm asking for your help.

It's simple: I'm asking that, if you are willing, to review any (or all) of my work online. Whether it's a blog post or an Amazon review, I would greatly appreciate it. Let me provide some basics to get you started:

  • First, you can easily order my work via Amazon - just click the author's link page above. Or check out the Where Stories Come From tag if you're looking for a story of a particular genre. 
  • If you want a reviewer's copy, simply e-mail me via contact form. For my work for Pro Se Productions and Space Buggy Press, I can easily connect you with someone for a complimentary electronic copy. Airship 27 Productions does not provide review copies, but you can purchase my work for Black Bat Mystery Vol 3 and Legends of New Pulp on PDF for very reasonable prices. 
  • If you receive a complimentary electronic copy, please follow the FTC's Blogger Disclosure guidelines. 
  • I'm OK with reviews either on Amazon or in a blog - all I ask is that you please e-mail me a link. (I'm more than happy sharing your reviews via social media as well as this blog).
  • Please give an honest review. If you love it, that's great. If you are meh, please share why you're meh. Hearing honest criticism allows me to grow as a writer, and no reviewer should feel obligated to provide a positive review.
  • Finally...if you acquire a complimentary copy, Do Not Distribute It Via Bittorrent, Download, or other illegal sites.  Small indie authors like me rely on royalties...in fact, we write to earn money. You may think "Ideas are free, man, and we're helping you with exposure." I've ranted about digital piracy before in this blog, and quite honestly, I am willing to go full DMCA on someone who's pirating my work.
As a newly minted author, I'm always grateful to read reviews of my work...even the negative ones. But I also wish to get the word out about these great books, because not only am I featured, but there's some great writing by some really cool people. 

So please - if you can purchase and write a review, great. If you want to touch base and have me make a connection, that's even better. If you're not a reviewer, please feel free to forward this post via social media. 

And as always, thanks for reading! 

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