July 24, 2016

Leaving My Fingerprints Online

When you're as active online as I am with writing/blogging/other activities (namely "Facebook surfing"), there's the opportunity that some acts can lead to some very pleasant surprises.

Like "Cowboy of the Dakotas" being published in Pro Se Productions' Pulpternative....little did I know that Smashwords would use an excerpt from my story to help readers sample the book. (And if you like it, why not buy it?)

Or the fact that the same week I was writing this Star Trek-themed post for Chicago Now, I was asked to appear on WBEZ to discuss Star Trek?

Or even that I managed to write a post about a very interesting mashup for I Hear of Sherlock?

(Don't worry - there's more where that came from. Honest).

But what shouldn't surprise you is that I've written a brief history of Star Trek action figures.

Or that I have not one, but two Doctor Who-themed events in August.


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