October 9, 2004

Whadda Week!

This week has been a real blur - a trip to Jefferson City for a mandatory meeting, tons of work catch-up/project maintanence...sometimes, I wish that I were cloned. Might help me get things done...so, in that spirit, some random unconnected thoughts...
  • I enjoyed New Frontier # 6 - indeed, I dug the whole series...but did it have to be so frickin' long? It doesn't live up to all the hype (what can?), and it's mostly an Elseworlds series (since it lies outside of continuity), but couldn't it have been two issues shorter?
  • Thanks to this article on the Doom Patrol, not only was I reminded of why I dug the series so much in my younger days, but it also helps explain why John Byrne's "reboot" leaves me cold. (Thank God for DC's Archive series).
  • You know, if I weren't a counselor/community dude, I would to be one of those CSI/forensic guys, if only because I know way too much useless information...
  • Why is it that I find every episode of The Office extremely funny, yet all but one episode of Sealab 2021 extremely lame?
  • Thankfully, I'm all signed up to volunteer for the St. Louis International Film Festival through Cinema St. Louis Prepare for some massive bloggin' on some cool films, people.
  • Added a few blogs in my blogroller, including one from a woman who really likes falafel and another from a semi-Internet celebrity.
  • Re: the infamous Amazing Spider-Man # 512...I'm come to expect that from a guy who, in an episode of Babylon 5, posited that the only reason we go into space is that our icons will be forgotten and that we want to be remembered. (And to be completely fair, I like JMS' work when it's really good; when it's bad, it's...mediocre).

Tonight, it's MCing a fundraiser, then heading to a friend's birthday party. My mojo's fully working, and I'm digging the down time.

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