February 24, 2012

My Fairy Tale Lifestyle

Still recovering from last night - got to check out my pal Rachel's publication party (she's the blogger behind The Working Wardrobe), as well as another networking event....and this is after a trek to the suburbs for a potentially cool freelance gig. All this with a badly hurting foot, but quite honestly - my life is getting a little bit more intreresting....in a good way.

I am now officially ready for Tuesday's Doctor Who event at Arlington Heights: if you're wanting to attend, you might want to RSVP sooner rather than later. (And yes, there are big plans afoot for Phil and my show. Can't reveal them at this juncture. Plans are in the works....)

And as always, a new episode of Zone 4, featuring the mighty Decapitated Dan (major domo of Dan Con happening on March 4th), and we're talking fairy tales in popular culture.(without me mentioning how I find the major villainess on Once Upon a Time rather....well, this is a PG rated blog. Need I say more?) Let me leave you with the trailer as I go off to take a cold shower:

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