July 19, 2004

Since All *That's* Over...

Whew, boy, after the sturm-und-drang of this week, it will be good
to have a relatively low-key week...OK, so my employer
is planning a big conference the first weekend of August,
and I'm trying to get as much down time as possible. However,
last night was really rough - a bad leg cramp kept me awake,
so I'm a little out-of it.

If you haven't been there already, check out Pin-Up Bowl
on Delmar. I planned a happy hour for this singles club,
and...ok, they lost my reservations, and we had to switch lanes,
but hey - it's all good. (Plus, if you do per person per game,
it's actually cheaper). Great place, great food, great bowling.
Plus, if I'm going to change my marital status...gotta, like,
do stuff with people, especially single people.

Also got to make a sorely needed visit to mypal Craig. It's
nice to take a break and withdraw from the world for awhile,
play with a 2 year old (his granddaughter), and just have a
nice, adult conversation (with him and his wife).
One where I don't feel like I'm stuck in a bad episode of
The Prisoner, and I'm Patrick McGoohan.

This week's been a real ride - from volunteering for Viva Vox's
Flipping the Soul Switch
event to fun and games in Arnold.
(Read this and this for more details).

As you may have noticed, my blog has changed, and is
slightly off-kilter (in IE; it looks fine in Mozilla; hopefully,
it will soon look normal.

Plus, I've switched from Bloglinker to Blogrolling.
Much of it was due to the Hot Ambercrombie Chick deal -
partly, sites I wouldn't link to in a million years
(like a "Get a Thai Wife now!" site) automatically
linked to me...since I'm learning more, and know what I'm
doing, it's all good.

Oh, and as always, I do requests, so share 'em.

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