March 26, 2005

Easter Egging Y'All On

Well, first, a happy Easter (and wonderful Purim) for all of those who celebrate those holidays on this day. (As we know, Easter is the Christian holiday that celebrate's Jesus' resurrection...and if he sees his shadow, it means six more weeks of Lent). As usual, since I have nothing major to blog about (unless suffering through another cold is your idea of a good time), here's a list of searches...with a special treat. Three of the searches are "easter eggs" - I made them up, and you get to figure out which ones are false. If you identify all three, I'll find some special prize to send you.

And away-y-y-y we go:

robin battles kato - Howard Stern's sidekick vs. Mr. Kaelin? I gotta see this

their eyes were watching God soundtrack - the new "Jamie Lee Curtis True Lies strip scene".

Beowulf Vs. Led Zeppeln - Google fight! Google fight!

ajay law school chicago band monkey - Ok, I have a friend named Ajay, and he's in law school, but he's no Chicago band monkey. Honest.

Brian likes gladiator movies - I've known this about Brian for years. What's the point?

smothers brothers puma crevasse - there were three pumas in that crevasse - Mama Puma, Papa Puma, and Baby Puma....

Sin City Movie spoilers/sin city fan fiction/Sin City movie/Sin City spoilers - all this over a little movie review?

comic blogs - Here are several comic blogs to enjoy. The rest you can check via the blogroll.

smile "James Spader" "Brian Wilson" - you know, I just realized that I'm starting to use the finger quote movement that Dr. Evil uses? That's scaring me.

Barney likes Little Debbies - I am so not touching this one.

Jolene blog/Jolene Blalock blog/Star Trek Enterprise Jolene Blalock Dirty Nude Photo - and they say comic fans have problems with relationships?

how do addictions start - very carefully.

"we're geniuses in france" - the greatest television show ever made.

warren demontague/IFC Greg the Bunny clips - all this because I recognized a persecuted minority.

"teenage kicks" "another girl in the neighborhood" - anyone who digs the The Undertones is cool with me.

gladiator phillip wylie/Byrne gladiator - Brian, John Byrne will watch gladiator movies with you. You're no longer alone.

Aqua Velva Superman - I love this song by ZZ Top - it rocks!

Gordon College/Gordon College blog - if I blogged during my college years, it would probably read like this, "Went to class, had Oreos and Mountain Dew, checked out several women, went home, studied, fell asleep watching Doctor Who". Not my greatest hour, folks.

triumph insult comic dog press conference against - it's on DVD, folks. Buy it.

"boys' sherlock holmes" - wow, Michael Jackson's checking this site out. Awesome!

hot nude photos - if someone can find a nude photo on my blog, please let me know.

is the juice worth the squeeze - definitely, most definitely

highschool blog - it's that pesky meme that I continued. Darn me! (My high school blog: "Went to class, checked out several women, went home, studied, fell asleep watching Doctor Who")

lyrics for the song alone marx brothers "a night at the opera" - wow, someone with taste!

And finally, two easter eggs you don't have to search for - crank up the volume for this Flash Animation from the Accordion Guy, and you can Shizzolate your favorite sites. (I recommend Mike Sterling and Brent as your test runs - you'll have a good laugh).

Thanks, and happy Easter!


Mikester said...

Oh, man...I think I may actually change that bit in my sidebar to "What other muthas are saying 'bout MIKE STERLING'S PROGRESSIVE RUIN" -- that's mighty funny.

Anonymous said...

the one about me has gotta be fake...


Gordon D said...


Ah, no, that was a real search query.

No soup for you!