April 5, 2005

Guilty Pleasures: Cheesy Docudramas

First, a bit of news - Johanna at Cognitive Dissonance has announced voting for the upcoming Squiddy awards, which serves rec.arts.comic usenet groups. (I used to hang around the usenet back in the day, but it was more...well, that's a post for another time). However, she deserves all the flattery she can get for doing so.

Anyway, back to our post - I have to admit, I spent last night watching something that I probably shouldn't have - a made-for-tv movie about Mork and Mindy. No, not because there's something inherently evil about the movie, or even revelatory (apparently, the network brass interfered with the show, and Robin Williams had a drug problem - wow, who knew?). In fact, this is a trend that has been around awhile, focusing mostly on '80s shows with a few notable exceptions.

I know what you're thinking: "Dude, what's the deal?"

Maybe it's the fact that, since they take place in relatively recent times, the movies are filmed on a low budget, and at times, it shows. Maybe it's the mixture of camp, high drama, and People magazine gossip that makes them appealing. Maybe it's some of the casting choices, like the Borg Queen playing Joan Collins.

Or maybe - in my case - it's a way to wallow in nostalgia without having to recognize that it is nostalgia. But you have to admit, at times, these movies are fun - they're like Cliff Notes versions of the E! True Hollywood Story.

Personally, I can't wait until someone makes tv movies about the blogosphere. I can see the titles now - From Swamp Thing to Sweet Thang, Poker Face, Rack 'Em Up, Subtext - What Subtext?, Good On Ya!, This Culture We Call Pop, Bad Medicine, Spores!, Be Right When Being Right!, Free Comics!, Dark & Sweaty, and of course, Highly Caffeinated

(If I didn't mention your blog above, I couldn't think of a clever title - and now, it's off to lovely, scenic St. Charles County for a merchant ed training. Yay!)

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