August 11, 2005

In Dreams

More Sandman-ish goodness, continuing from Tuesday's post....

First, was looking through the local mega-chain bookstore, and saw that DC had released a third (!) graphic novel collection, this time of "The Vamp" storyline. Keep it up, DC...and I can't wait until "Man of the Hour" and "The Mist." Trust me, read these storylines, and you'll never view the Golden Age the same way again.

Secondly, in response to Mike's comment - funny story behind the Sandman figure: I had originally ordered the first release (with more "traditional" gas mask) before leaving from Chicago for Oregon in 1998. Unfortunately, the vendor "lost" it. In Oregon, they could never get another version, and once I moved to St. Louis, the figure pictured was my first official "post-break-up-so- I-have-disposable-income" purchase. So it's my "I-had-a-yucky- engagement-and-all-I-got-was-a-Golden-Age-Sandman-action-figure" charm.

Finally, a fateful decision - while job seeking, I've decided to see if I can do some consulting part time. As many of my close and personals know, I've been in the non-profit biz for awhile, but am always looking for opportunities. (Plus, I might as well use my experience in a creative and flexible way). So if you know a non-profit (or a for-profit) in the St. Louis area who is seeking consultation on the following:
  • Capacity Building
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workshop Development
  • Advocacy & Legislative Work
  • Public Speaking/Making an Argument
  • Organizational/Board Development
Please drop me a line, and I'll do the rest. (End of advertisement).

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