October 1, 2005

Blogging on a Saturday Morning

First, if you haven't voted already - check out the sidebar poll and vote. It's good to hear that people actually check this blog out several times a week - maybe I should update more often. Or even follow this demotivator more closely. But anyway, it's all good - I am, at the very least, catching up on General Hospital. Lord knows, I need even more drama in my life. (OK, OK, enough with the snark). I've even started reading Where The Truth Lies, and the movie is having some rating issues.

Without further ado, some random thoughts from the comic/pop culture world:

  • You must read JLA # 119. The next-to-last page reveal...if Mike's right about this, we owe him big time.
  • So I'm watching The Batman, which is "introducing" Batgirl, and I'm thinking...why do I get the sense this takes place in the same universe as Teen Titans? (Not snark - the animation styles are very similar). In my opinion, however, this is the ultimate Batman. No questions asked.
  • Roger wants you to ask him questions. He's a good guy, so visit his blog and ask away.
  • I'm glad that in Young Avengers # 7, they cleverly handled the "Are Wiccan and Hulkling gay"? subplot. However, for those who have expressed concerns about "promoting a gay lifestyle" - wake up and smell the millenium, dudes. It's 2005. Get over it. And I notice you wouldn't make a stink about the oh-so-flattering-to-women Skechers ad on the inside back cover. No, that's OK. (Sorry 'bout the snark)
  • Given the whole "Inferior Five" cameo in Villains United # 4 hubub, just remember - I called dibs.
  • Note to Gail Simone - I know you cited Scott of Polite Dissent in an issue of Birds of Prey. If you need consultation on substance abuse treatment or recovery issues, I'm your guy. I'll even send you my resume to prove it.
  • I'm watching Ramones: End of the Century on DVD, and the question I have is - why wasn't CJ invited to the Ramones' induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I mean, he was part of the band, wrote one of their great final singles ("Strength to Endure"), and comes across in the movie as a genuine cool guy.
  • I'm of two minds about Supreme Power - although I really want to stay on board with it (Straczynski has some great ideas), I'm finding that his pacing and tendency to "foreshadow"...are really starting to annoy me. (Plus, the Hyperion and Nighthawk "mini-series" look promising). Any thoughts?
  • Denny Crain. Now more than ever.
Well, that's it from me, folks. Remember, everyone, that coffee isn't just for breakfast anymore.

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