September 12, 2006

What's Distracting Patricia

Well, first, she's thinking about what she's going to burn in the "Burn THIS, Pal!" Disc Exchange - so why not e-mail me by Friday and join in the fun?

Other things she's distracted by:

Greg discussing very deep issues.

introduction to traditional wetshaving.

Andy reminding us of the simpler things in life.

Harlan Ellison's ego run amok, turning him from cool writer to, well, cranky old coot.

The strange thoughts of Lefty Brown.

The true face of the Antichrist.

Places where you can get free e-books.

Dorian's guide to message boards.

How Redhead Fangirl will respond to this news.

But ultimately, as per Dave's meme, what's really distracting Patricia....

The man, the myth, the legend....Mike "Cheater Pants" Sterling

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