May 15, 2009

My Fifth Blogiversary - Enjoy!

It was five years ago - I'm living in St. Louis, working as a "community organizer" (meaning that I'm never welcome in the Palin household ever again), when coming across Blogger.

Being a guy who enjoys, well, goofing off online, I began playing with the platform...and then, I was hooked.

At the time, I couldn't really blog about work, because... let's face it
  1. It would be rather dull writing posts about filling out paperwork and driving around the metropolitan St. Louis area;
  2. There were certain confidentiality issues, meaning that I couldn't write about certain things; and
  3. Comics, TV, and Doctor Who were much more fun to write about.
Granted, a lot of my early blogging (just look at the archives) is rather scattershot...but eventually, I found my voice, and...well, the rest is history.

Or would be, if I was one of those blog-every-day types.

But anyway, enough of the forced humility - this blog is five years old today. And this weekend, we're celebrating with the final Kids in the Hall live blog (and season five...has special resonance for me), as well as a podcast on Brain Candy...and three, count 'em, three KITH-related albums.


But first, I've asked former Kid in the Hall Kevin McDonald to hold up a note card with my second choice for naming this blog. If you would please, Mr. McDonald?

Thanks, and here's to five more years of blogging love.


Brendan McGinley said...

Happy anniversary!

Roger Owen Green said...

So you werewelcome in the Palin housaehold BEFORE? VERY suspicious!

Happy 5.

Nik said...

I would SO kill to read Sarah Palin's blog, but in the meantime I'll settle for yours I guess. Happy 5th!