May 16, 2009

Crushing Cabbage Heads: Kids in the Hall Season 5

(Updated on December 18, 2020)

When I had announced that I would be live blogging the Kids back in January, I never realized how much fun it would be - much better than the usual British science-fiction show. Writing about the fifth season is a little tough for me, for some obvious personal reasons.

However, I am happy to say that although it's much spottier than previous seasons, Series 5 is actually pretty darn good, and the Kids happened to leave on a relatively high note.

Much of it is that the Kids themselves acknowledge the end is coming in various ways - the opening credits include past opening footage; incidental music moves from the surf-punk of Shadowy Men From a Shadowy Planet to an Eastern drone; and "plot points" for several of their major characters are, in a way, wrapped up. In fact, although there is a slight sense of fatigue, there's also a go-for-broke spirit that just makes this seem all the more victorious.

And the final episode? Some flat-out brilliant touches - Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes essentially telling Armada they'll never make it; Buddy Cole torching his bar; and of course, the classic take on the stuff-we-couldn't-show-you episode, featuring the classic "Hitler BLANKS a Donkey. Or, take it away, Kevin:

Not the best starting place for a newbie, but unlike some comedy series (*cough* Red Dwarf *cough*), doesn't overstay its welcome - it leaves at just the right time.

(And quite frankly, this has been the most pleasant live blog to do - there is rarely, if ever, a totally bad moment, and I've yet to regret watching the end of a run. Unlike, say, Red Dwarf, which didn't quite end well....Ok, the last five minutes of Only the Good, but that's it)

Highly Recommended

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