November 25, 2011

Off to Chicago TARDIS.....

Yes, through the magic of time travel, I'm presently writing this in the past for publishing in the future.

As you're reading this, I will be in attendance at Chicago TARDIS (after a really early morning filled with monitoring work), cavorting with female Who fans, doing all sorts of cool stuff, and serving on several panels.

Wait a minute - Gordon, on several panels?

Yes, I am....but if you think I'm going to spend time flirting with Sarah Sutton or making fun of Mr. Tony Lee....well, let me just post a screencap of the panel listings, sent to me in order to inform me of where I need to be:

Yes, that's right, I get to discuss Lethbridge-Stewart in all his Lethbridge-Stewartship.

(Hopefully, there should also be a live broadcast of Whoverse, unless our crack production guy (and by "crack" I mean "crotchedy older gentleman with definite antisocial tendencies") determines otherwise. Please feel free to visit to catch the streaming feed on Sunday at 1 pm CST.

Thanks, and talk to you guys later!

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