March 22, 2012

My Open Source Lifestyle

Although the year is almost one quarter completed, I can safely say that at least one of my major life decisions has paid off in spades.

I've spoken before about "Harvey", the Ubuntu-powered Panasonic Toughbook that has been the equivalent of a mid-life crisis for me. (Some men buy sports cars, some men date much younger women - I start adapting open source software in a major way).  One of the benefits of using a Toughbook as a portable computer is that, well, it can take a pounding; since it's powered by Ubuntu, most of my computing has been easier (if a little more work intensive).

This morning was the ultimate test - taking it for one of the social media classes I'm teaching for the neighborhood businesses.

Test 1 - one of my colleagues offers to have me plug the Ubuntu into a small overhead projector, so everyone can see the screen. After making the appropriate attachment, voila - my display and the screen show the same thing. 

Test 2 - comments, many many comments. The best were, That looks like a James Bond computer and You could hurt someone what that computer, dude.
Thankfully, I still have the Windows machine working (for not much longer), but at the very least, should I need to replace my current laptop, I have a dependable standby (which comes in handy for recording podcasts).
Via Improbable Roach on Flickr
But that leads into my next major decision....recently, I found my father's old Merkur Solangen safety razor. Rather than look at it in awe, wondering if I should take the of April 2nd, I will begin full-on wet shaving.
I was actually inspired by a gentleman under the nom de blog Mantic59 (and who has expanded his blog into the must-read Sharpologist; I recently linked to one of his many excellent videos).  Ok, granted, my initial experience consisted of a switch to shaving soap, but with a traditional cartridge razor. I loved the fact that I could get a great shave, the soap felt great on my face, and quite honestly, the acne of my teenage years was no longer an issue. So after ordering a sample pack of blades online, I'm gearing up to actually try to practice shaving the old fashioned way).

(It also helped that Merz Apothecary opened a store near Palmer House downtown, meaning that I can avoid ordering exotic shaving soaps and creams via Amazon...although I have plenty to last awhile. Besides, supporting local businesses is always cool).

Oh, and for those of you concerned - I have a styptic pencil. And backup cartridges should I decide to go back. However....I doubt I will.

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