January 4, 2014

Coming Alive in the Dead of Winter

Never have I experienced such a productive post-New Year's period in my entire life....

Shortly before the holiday, I signed a contract for some part-time marketing work for a startup downstate. (It's short-term, and I'm still seeking work, but it's been a great character builder). Working on a story for publication....copy edited another story....and found out that another story may be released as a single e-book as well as part of an anthology.

Spent New Year's with a friend who I haven't seen in awhile....spent the holidays with Mom....and currently, playing catch-up and building up steam.

It's also meant making some well-needed changes in my life, and on that end...I'm stepping down as organizer of Net2Chi/Net Tuesday at the end of January. As someone who was there very early on, I leave with mixed feelings....and yes, both my cat's my friend's passing had a lot to do with it.

But it's something I'm starting to realize (or even "re-realize", if there is such a word) - life is too short to waste time. When I hear colleagues talk about how people should have reached out to them....I simply shake my head and realize that I should be doing the reaching. Focusing on my own interests - balanced with concern and care for others - isn't just a good idea; it's what allows me to enjoy life thoroughly.

Things aren't easy....but they're easier. I'm feeling much more centered and focused that I have been throughout much of 2013.

Even in the harshest of winters, spring can still emerge, and a person can come alive in the dead of winter.

I'm living proof of that.

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