January 1, 2014

Blog THIS, Pal - 2013 In Review

It's become a regular yearly tradition on the blog - I don't know who I "borrowed" this from, but it's a great thing to do. Simply put, I review the blog month-by-month, randomly select a quote, and post it as a way to drive traffic (especially away from that nasty cybersquatter....but more on him later) and have some fun.

(Yes, I admit there was a drought due to personal matters, so I may have a smaller sample to choose from, but I think there's plenty available for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

January - One of the qualities many great bands have is that talking about them is like sharing a secret

FebruaryI'm especially proud of the job I've done in interviewing him (and yes, I did take the lead, having thoroughly read the book from cover to cover).

March - Without him, it's safe to say,much contemporary popular culture would have a much different nature and character.

April - Unlike 20 years ago, Andy won't be there (he's living in Vegas, and is more than likely on the road as I write this), and I'll actually be funny.

May - Ok, so all of you long-standing readers have probably been wondering...where the heck hasGordon been

Via Zone 4
June - Doctor Who as pulp fiction?

July - It's all Barry Reese's fault.

August - As a side note - can we all agree to lose the term "nerd blackface"?

September - Somewhere in this story is a great book - a Barbarians At the Gate or The Smartest Guys In the Room - about DC Entertainment. I just refuse to be one of the people who helps write it.

October - Compassion seems to be a dirty word these days. Hopefully, my recent loss can help me change that.

November - ....mostly, it gives a pretty good reason to get out of bed in the morning. Even if it's 3:00 am and spent clicking away at a keyboard.

DecemberMark my words - Capaldi's eyebrows will be Series 8's "Bad Wolf"

And so here's hoping to a healthy and prosperous 2014!

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