February 27, 2014

Two Pre-Birthday Gifts You Can Give!

As many of you may be aware, next Thursday is my birthday. Although I don't expect much (and for my Chicago friends - throwing me a surprise birthday bash is not unwanted), I thought I would provide a nice way for several of you to bring me some well-earned birthday cheer....and do some good.

First, I'm volunteering with Chicago Nerd Social Club at Chiditarod, a race to help raise funds and collect food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. This Saturday, March 1st, I'll be volunteering from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm with CNSC at Emporium, located at 1366 N. Milwaukee. You can visit, bring food (we're collecting), buy drinks (the bar will donate the more you drink), and generally just be cool.

(Can't make it? Don't live in Chicago? We have a web site where you can donate as well)

Also, remember that Zeppelin Tales anthology I co-edited for Airship 27 Productions?

It's up for a New Pulp Award....and voting is open to the public.

Seeing as Chicago has a strong history of honest, open elections, I will say this - in order to vote, you need a pulse.

Simply head on over to this link to download a ballot, and e-mail to newpulp2014@yahoo.com by March 12th. 

Do one or the other, and you have my eternal respect and gratitude. Do both, and you'll be my best friend for life.

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