March 29, 2014

Reestablishing My Online Presence

Admittedly, it's a good news/bad news scenario - good news is that I've had plenty of activity either working....or getting work.

However, bad news is that, thanks to an unscrupulous person with a chip on their shoulder, my name now results in a very nasty review - mostly, it's "he's not that good" with a slam at me being a comics fan.

Now, in an effort to kind of establish my working cred - here's my Linked In profile, and I've tweaked the text on my personal site. Yes, I'm fully aware of how online marketing and engagement works....and I also took coursework at DePaul University to improve my skills.

But you know....I admit that I've been negligent on the writing front. However, I'm beginning to hit my stride again, writing a great piece for Chicago Now on coworking spaces, and working on some other great pieces.

But for now, if you ever doubt my credentials (because some of you will have Googled my name), my Linked In profile is up above.

  • I also tweet @gordondym, but here's the deal - if I'm working, that cuts down on my personal social media time, so I know I have to work harder;
  • You're also more than likely to find me on Facebook; 
  • My social media channels are all aggregated on my page and
  • I'm one of the rotating hosts on the Zone 4 Podcast
At the very least, this will boost my personal SEO....and also, just a hint: if you are going to write a bad review of me, don't write it and sign my name. That's just tacky.

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