November 14, 2015

Your Monthly Blogaround Moment of Zen

With all of my fiction writing efforts coming to light - and with freelance work providing me with income - I must admit that my online writing (except for this blog) has somewhat fallen to the wayside. I definitely have some posts that I'll need to craft for I Hear of Sherlock in December, when things have died down from Chicago TARDIS.

But until then....just a few highlights.....

Like the fact that I will be a panelist on Saturday morning of Chicago TARDIS, talking classic Doctor Who. If you're planning on attending, please join me!

If Black Bat Mystery Vol 3 has you pumped for more pulp, you might want to take a gander at this Airship 27 Secret Agent X anthology - I served as associate editor. Trust me, you'll dig this one.

Yes, I'm also one of the supporters of Uncanny Magazine's Year Two Kickstarter - I know the Thomases (great people to know, by the way), and they put out a great magazine. You really should consider reading it.

Finally, an update on my effort to reach John Oliver of Last Week Tonight...and some great nonprofit events in Chicago.

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