January 1, 2017

Blog THIS, Pal: 2016 in Review

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It's that time again - every January 1st, I post a series of random links to blog posts per month. It's a great way to look at what I've written about....but more importantly, to provide a great overview and hopefully drive traffic.

One theme that I'm noticing this year was that I not only didn't update the blog frequently, but I also would talk about having a "rough month". Like many others, 2016 was a really tough year personally. Here's looking forward to 2017 - it will be a bit tougher, but it will be better. At least, I hope so.

And now, a not-so-loving look back at 2016....

January - I'll be honest....I have a love/hate relationship with writing on a daily basis.

February - And what's our reward? Royalties. Your illegal download prevents us from earning money

March - (Trust me - a stray joke about watching They Live after the recent Trump-in-Chicago fiasco led to some snarky comments. Of course, some these people have no real jobs and too much time on their hands. Kind of like me back in 2013).

April - Won't go into too many details - let's just say that when you're dealing with an organization in transition, personal and professional time need to be allocated in different ways.

May - It all started twelve years ago...because I was bored at work.

June - In a strange way, I miss him - even though we didn't get along most of the time, the things we did connect around were special: Sherlock Holmes, books, and a strange fascination with office supplies.

July - (They're also notable for both featuring Patrick McGoohan, but I'm not sure that's coincidental)

August - Yes, it was difficult, but Jake wasn't my dog. (Well, he was my dog but he wasn't my dog)

September - In fact, it manages to do in twenty-some pages what the Watchmen movie took four hours to do. And made it much more pleasant

October - And for those who believe there is no such thing as a "work/life balance", or that people who don't "hustle" aren't entrepreneurs, please remember....there's a thin line between hustling and hiding.

November - Because again, somebody has to.

December - Because like Legends of New Pulp, it's a benefit book...but more importantly, it could save someone's life.

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