May 21, 2018

Fourteen Years of Blogging Pleasure

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To be completely honest, I never thought I would take blogging this far...

After all, most of my time is spent writing for Chicago Now's One Cause At a Time (with recent posts on Opulent Credit Builders and the Paschen Scholars program receiving a lot of traffic - Google Analytics doesn't lie, you know), and between that and my writing (pulp stories and academic papers don't write themselves), my time writing for this blog has been...well, sporadic in nature.

Sure, I have some good reasons - choosing to live closer to Mom to take care of her while balancing freelancing and caregiving eats away at the schedule...but in recent months, I've realized that I miss blogging.

I have two posts due to I Hear of Sherlock (I was provided complimentary copies of work for review, so I feel somewhat obligated), and will be working on more personal projects (because I have a backlog of stories in the process of being published, and I want to ensure that I give myself plenty of time to create things out of pleasure, not obligation). But I have to admit that right now, with no pending deadlines and a work schedule that's starting to fill up...

I'm rediscovering my love of much so that I'm more than happy to try to post here on a regular (aiming for weekly) basis.

Sure, I may fail...but the main point is that I need to reconnect with others. Thankfully, I'm starting to regain some semblance of a social life, and I'm reducing my commitments to a coworking meetup and the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup. (Meaning that I'll have more time for myself, and to do cool things like run Doctor Who panels at C2E2). I'll have more time for friendships that don't involve tagging them on Facebook.

In short, I'm reclaiming my life...and that means, hopefully, making blogging a regular part of my life.

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